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Biodynamic Farm & Orchards - Animal Sanctuary - Native Gardens - Ponds - Pastures - Food Forest - Arboretum of Over 100 Varieties of Fruit, Ornamental, and Landscape Trees.

Experiential farm tours for all ages and interests. But it really comes down to just having fun! Soil releases serotonin. Once in a Blue Moon Farm was on the forefront of agritourism activities and lodging on Orcas Island. In 2011 we were included in a USDA pilot program spearheaded by the Obama administration to promote outdoor activities like agritourism called America's Most Beautiful Farms. The Farm was voted 2nd place nationally! Approaching our third decade as a multi-generational family business, the farm is a living collaborative creative endeavor, one with dreams and intentions, continually evolving with artistic passion and purpose. With backgrounds, degrees, and professional experience in landscape architecture, accounting, medicine and nutrition everyone in the family brings something to keep the farm going.

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Just For Kiddies Short Tours at Once in a Blue Moon Farm

$80 / (2) adults and (2) children / approx. 0.75 hours

Additional guests - $15 per adult / $10 per child

Supervised farm pet & play with goats and sheep in the pasture. Then a short walk (about 200 yards) across the farm to visit Rosie the Kunekune pig, chickens, ducks, and geese. Sorry, no time for alpacas! This is not a private tour. Tour may be combined with other guests.

Just For Fun Family Farm Tours at Once in a Blue Moon Farm

$100 / (2) adults / approx. 1 hour

Additional guests - $15 per adult / $10 per child

Appropriate for ALL ages. Pet & play w/goats, visit a variety of feathered friends, and feed the alpacas. Hang with Rosie the Kunekune pig. Gaggle with the geese. Audrey Hepburn our Border Collie shelter mutt will be your expert guide (with a little human assistance!) on this adventure of a lifetime! A fantastic time for young kids and adults who want to have FUN outdoors & unplugged. This is not a private tour. Tour may be combined with other guests.

Private Tours at Once in a Blue Moon Farm

$150 / (2) adults / approx. 1.5 hours

Additional guests - $25 per adult / $10 per child

Explore our farm and land with a long Orcas Island history and enjoy the sounds, colors, smells and seasonal tastes. Get a feel for what it takes to live on and maintain a farm with animals, gardens, and orchards on the island. Feeding and petting animals included. We strongly believe in living and working with nature. Finding the balance, rhythm and respect with all living things great and small. Your guide is one or more of the owners and stewards of Once in a Blue Moon Farm.

For larger and specialized groups, please email for pricing. All tours are by appointment only. No walk-ins. If you leave a phone message, if possible please follow up with an email.

To learn more about our farm tours or to schedule a tour, please call (360) 376 - 7035 or email:

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