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Booking Confirmations & Cancellations

Your reservation is NOT confirmed until your full payment is processed. We require 100% payment at the time of the reservation.

Reservations made more than 31 days prior to check-in:
You may cancel without any charges up to 48 hours after booking. A $75 service fee applies.

Reservations made less than 31 days prior to check-in but more than 48 hours before check-In:
You may cancel without any charges up to 24 hours after booking. A $100 service fee applies.

Reservations made less than 48 hours prior to check-in: 100% non-refundable.

Cancellations made more than 60 days prior to check-in are given a 50% refund.
Cleaning fees applied to the reservation are 100% refunded.

Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to check-in are non-refundable.
Cleaning fees applied to the reservation are 100% refunded.
Guests who cancel will receive a one time 30% credit of the original value of the reservation.
This credit may be applied to future lodging at either our farm or beach house on Orcas Island.
No expiration date for this credit.
This credit is transferable to anyone if you can’t use it.

Security Deposit

An authorized credit card (Visa or MC) is required as a security hold. No additional fees will be charged if all rental terms and conditions are adhered to.

Occupancy Limitations

The number of guests that will occupy your rental must be stated at the time of booking as each rental has specific occupancy limits. Additional visting day use guests not included in your rental agreement are required to check-in with Farm staff and additional fees may apply. Privacy, property lines, and “quiet hours”, observed between 9 pm and 9 am daily, must be respected at all times. Increased vehicle traffic, occupants, excessive noise, or illegal activity may result in fines and/or eviction.

Property Use & Responsibility

You accept liability for any damages caused to the home, including but not limited to; landscaping, misuse of appliances, and/or furnished equipment. If it is necessary to make extensive repairs or replacement, you will be charged for all labor and materials. Guests must immediately notify the owner of any damages or fire to the house and property.

Garbage, Composting & Recycling

We are all about small environmetnal footprints and reducing impacts. Please save ALL food waste for our compost and farm animals. Absolutely NO food down the drain as it is harmful to the septic system. Be sure to recycle in the designated bins during your stay. Recycling must be sorted. Specific details for trash, composting and recycling are available in the Room Guide in the suite. Thank you for following these waste management guidelines.

Cleaning Fees

Our homes and units are thoroughly cleaned between guests. You are responsible for leaving your rental in the same general condition in which you received it. In the event of excessively dirty conditions and disorganization or excessive/extra trash additional fees will apply.

Check In Procedure

Beginning 4 pm - Pigtail Suite, Feathered Nest, Kune Kune Loft
Beginning 5 pm - Sunset Sky Suite & Turtleback Vista Suite
Please call or email to arrange your arrival and check-in time.
Early check-ins are not available during the summer season (June-Sept). Gates and suites are locked.

Check-Out Procedure

Your departure time is 11 a.m. Please refer to Check-out instructions in the Room Guide available in the suite.

Wastewater & Septic

Please help our septic systems function properly. Absolutely NO foreign objects, chemicals, food waste or other waste down ANY drains or toilets. Toilet paper only in toilets. You are responsible for clogged septic pump filters by foreign objects including but not limited to tampons, condoms, and cigarette butts.

No Smoking

Once in a Blue Moon Farm is strictly a NON-SMOKING facility inside and out at all times. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the property, inside and out. Smoking will result in forfeiture of your security deposit and/or additional fines as well as termination of your rental.


Rentals may not be used as event site for weddings, receptions, group dinners, activities, or any other event with additional guests without prior approval. Occupancy limitations are strictly enforced.


Pets by prior arrangement and approval only.
Unannounced pets WILL NOT be accepted on the property. No exceptions.


All rooms, suites, and homes are furnished with towels, bed linens, hand soap, dish soap, cleaning products, toilet paper, kitchen cloth towels, and sponges. Please bring your own paper household products, extra garbage bags, beach towels, personal body care products, and any special kitchen accessories. On site laundry is unavailable to guests.


For guests staying at Once In A Blue Moon Farm, please park your car in the guest parking lot and the parking designated for the suites. Space for ONE vehicle is allowed per rental. Extra vehicles must be arrange prior to reservations and may not be accepted. NO vehicles are allowed on the farm to reduce congestion and to be sure they do not inhibit our tractors and other machinery, unless alternative arrangements are made upon check-in.


Our locations are gated and fenced to keep eager deer out of our gardens, and to keep our animals safe inside their pastures. We ask if you open a gate, please close it gently behind you. Not all gates are for opening. Please respect all signage, especially on the farm. No guests are allowed in animal pastures or fruit orchards without accompaniment by farm staff.

sunset from the farm