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Wait, are Sleeping Sea and Once in a Blue Moon Farm the same thing?

Sleeping Sea is our waterfront vacation rental and suites on Orcas Island. They are at separate locations and run separtaely. If you're interested in staying on the water please visit www.sleepingsea.com. Once in a Blue Moon Farm is our family farm and offers a few lodging options as well, but is NOT on the water. We are a working farm growing varieties of fruits and raising an assortment of animals on the SW face of Mt. Woolard.

Where is the farm located?

Once in a Blue Moon Farm is on the western side of Orcas Island on the sunny western slope of Mt. Woolard near West Sound. Sleeping Sea offers two locations on Orcas Island. 1) Once In A Blue Moon Farm is an inland 35 acre estate property on Orcas Island. 2) Sleeping Sea Waterfront Suites is a 1 acre waterfront property. An interisland ferry service operates between the three main islands, Lopez, Orcas and San Juan.

What do you grow?

We grow many varieties of orchard fruit. We are also currently producing pasture ranged eggs. Things are always changing on the farm, but there will ALWAYS be fresh fruit and eggs.

Can I stop by for a tour?

NO: Please call ahead and make a reservation. We typically arrange tours at 11 AM and 4 PM. Being a working farm that also offers lodging, the summer months are very busy and we ca not accomodate drop-in tour guests. Once you've set up a tour we can make the time to show you around the entire barnyard and more!! Guests staying at our lodging can arrange a tour time when they arrive.

Is there a farmstand or a place to buy farm products?

Sometimes! Fruit, produce, and eggs are always available for our lodging and tour guests. Most of our fruit is available July through November. Eggs are usually avilable year round. You can also find our fruit and eggs in a variety of restaurants on the island and Seattle. Just look for our name!! Every now and then we set up at the Farmer's Market, but. it all depends on how busy we are!

How do I get to the San Juan Islands?

The Islands are located about 100 miles north of Seattle, WA. They are accessed by ferry or air. The closest major airport is located in Seattle at Sea-Tac. Most people choose to rent a car in Seattle and drive north to the ferry terminal at Anacortes, WA. The entire trip to Orcas Island, including ferry ride takes approximately 4 hours. There is also charter plane service, leaving from Boeing Field or Lake Union in Seattle. The flight takes about one hour.

Can I make a reservation for the ferry?

YES: Washington State Ferries now take reservations for all San Juan Island routes. Please visit the Washington State FERRY RESERVATIONS website for more information and to book your ferry travel. We STRONGLY recommend making a reservation for all travel times, but especially during peak times to ensure boarding on the ferry of your choice.

The first 30% of reservable space on the Anacortes/San Juan Island route is released 2 months prior to the schedule start date. (All tall space is released within the 1st tier). An additional 30% of vessel space is released at 7:00am 2 weeks before each sailing date, and then the final 30% is released at 7:00am 2 days before each sailing date. Reservations are not required for travel on Washington State Ferries. Every ferry leaves 10-15% of the ferry capacity for standby travel for last minute travel or when reservations are unavailable. Sometimes there is extra space when driver's don't show or cancel their reservations.

Do I need a car?

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A car is a must for touring the islands. Bicycling is possible for experienced riders, but due to hilly terrain and narrow roads, we do not recommend this for families with young children. Public transportation options are quite limited.


What are the Check In and Check Out?

Arrive: 4 PM
Depart: 11 AM

Can I bring my pet?

We do allow pets, but not in all of our rentals. Be sure to let us know during the booking process that you will be bringing your pet along for the vacation. There is an additional pet fee. Unannouced pets can not be accepted. Please review our pet policies to decide if traveling with your pet to the farm.

Do you have WiFi?

YES: All of our rentals have access to complimentary WiFi. However, being a rural community we do not have access to reliable high speed internet. Outages do occur and download/upload speeds can be slow. Your mobile 3G/4G may not work in all areas of the San Juan Islands. Also, cell phone service is spotty in general.

Why do I have to dispose of my own garbage?

We strongly believe in reducing our waste here on the farm. All waste is transported to the mainland via the ferry. Once in a Blue Moon Farm will handle your waste removal for an extra fee if you decide not to remove it from the room. If you dispose of it yourself the waste removal fee is waived. Since we compost all food waste and provide recycling containters, it helps alleviate garbage costs and is better for the environment (as well as making our chickens very happy!) We place a compost bin in each of our homes.

Are there other charges in addition to the posted rate?

YES: Local taxes, additional persons, and a pet fee if your canine companion is joining you. Please see our policies for more details. These fees will be made clear during the booking process.

What happens if my kid uses their artistic talent to draw a mural on the wall or my dog has a party?

You are responsible for any and all damages to the home or unit from the time you check-in until you check-out.


What services are on the islands?

Orcas Island and San Juan Island have town centers with all necessary services. Friday Harbor is the largest town in the San Juan Islands and has numerous stores and two supermarkets.

Eastsound Village is the small commercial center of Orcas Island, containing most of the shops, restaurants and the main market for the island. It is located approx. 9 miles from the ferry landing. Sleeping Sea Waterfront Suites are only 1.5 miles from Eastsound Village. Once in a Blue Moon Farm is approx. 7 miles from Eastsound Village and 2 miles from the ferry landing.

Am I going to see any whales?

There are resident and transient orca whales as well as lots of other marine life around the islands. They are frequently spotted on the Western shores of San Juan Island. Lime Kiln State Park is an excellent land based watching point where you can actually get closer to the whales than tour boats are legally allowed. These majestic whales are endangered and protected. We recommend land based whale watching out of respect for the whales.